Classroom Metaphor

I created a metaphor about how I see myself as a teacher to preschool students. I feel that my experience as a dancer has helped me embrace the idea that we are all very unique. We all have different talents and abilities that deserve to be recognized and celebrated. I feel that my role as … More Classroom Metaphor

Outsider Looking in

  This week I was asked to keep an “attention journal” when ever I was online. This exercise was set up to help me become more aware of how “my mind-in combination with the Web-works”. Even though there was no wrong or right way to this exercise it was awkward to document what I did, how … More Outsider Looking in

More Daily Creates!

    Today I am taking advantage of being connected to the online world! It has been several days with very little internet access. Here are some more of my daily creates to share with you! You are going to be in BIG trouble mister. You hear me, No body messes with my bananas. #tdc1645 #diglitclass — Charity … More More Daily Creates!

Digital Activism

Before this weeks assignment I had never heard the term “digital activism”. I really wasn’t sure what it meant at all. Which lead me to google it. Out of all the websites I scanned I felt like this site  gave me the best summary of what Digital Activism is and the tools used by digital … More Digital Activism

Daily Creates Week 2

Here are a few of my daily creates this week: YoungMeNowMe #tdc1640 What was your defining Moment? #tdc1639 Becoming a mom… Draw the House You Grew up in #tdc#1630 Into the sun #tdc 1629 Create a hip Acroname for your neighborhood #1636   Oh…Yeah… #tdc1641 Have you heard ‘Audio Recording’ by charitywyatt on #SoundCloud? #np … More Daily Creates Week 2