Daily Creates Continued…

I have to admit that I had the worst attitude about doing the daily creates. In a previous blog I referred to DS 106 as my nemesis. I have to admit my initial reaction to the daily creates could not have been more worng. In fact I have learned to LOVE logging on and searching for something to create each day. For the most part I feel I have made amazing advancements in online creating tools. It is unbelievable how many resources are available. There are a few creates that I struggled with completeing, but for the most part I have really enjoyed the daily creates as part of our class.

I feel that the daily creates help me be a little bit more open about myself. I typically am a more reserved person when it comes to sharing things about myself. I feel that through the daily creates people could learn more about me through my posts. I have also enjoyed creates that my classmates posts.

Here are a few more of my daily creates.


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