Boating 101 coming to an end…



If you followed my blog last week then you will know that I did not have the opportunity to do any Boat learning but….

c1I am pleased to share that I did get some quality boating time in last night. After a week of fair and all day Saturday at a wedding our family decided to make a night of it on the lake last night. We didn’t have time to travel to our cabin so we ventured to a lake we had never been with our boat.

I have to admit some of the anxiety I first had about driving the boat returned last night. A new place, no idea where to exactly go on the lake, shallow water and it was windy.  My good ole’ husband made me figure it all out.

Once we got going I could feel myself settle down and it was no big deal to drive around. We went really slow through several coves and admired the cabins. It is fun to see how people decorate and what lake toys they have. It was very relaxing. We did discover that this lake had a very neat marina. Our kids were in awe of the boat parking stalls that we could pull into. We made a plan to come back another evening and eat.

We went tubing until almost dark. It was a little nerve racking to look across the lake and realize that I had no idea where the boat ramp was. I headed into the direction I thought most likely and was glad to see that the ramp just as the sun was going down. Because of the wind/lack of sunlight I did a terrible job pulling the boat onto the trailer. I drifted more then I thought I would of. In hide sight I should have kept the boat going forward and not kicked it into neutral. But it was a very simple fix.

work in progressI am really pleased with all the progress I have made the last few weeks. We are headed to our cabin this weekend and I plan on doing a lot of the driving. I still have to master backing up the trailer, that may take me a while yet.. HA!



I made a little comic using toondoo. This site was a little tricky to figure out at first, but once I understood how it worked it was very easy to throw together a short comic about my Summer Learning project. I think that this would be a great site for kids to use around 4-5th grade. It had so many options. You could create a single page, multiple pages, or a book. They had numerous templates to use and you could create your own characters. I am not sure if I will be able to use toondoo for my upcoming preschool year, but it something I can see using at home.

boat 101




One thought on “Boating 101 coming to an end…

  1. We recently purchased a boat, and I have driven it since day one. It takes time to get used to the controls and how to maintain speed and everything but it is really relaxing to just be out on the water, my family and I love it. Great Post!


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