Digital Activism

digital activism

Before this weeks assignment I had never heard the term “digital activism”. I really wasn’t sure what it meant at all. Which lead me to google it. Out of all the websites I scanned I felt like this site  gave me the best summary of what Digital Activism is and the tools used by digital activists to communicate to the world. The article along with our assigned reading tell us that, Social Media is everywhere! It has infiltrated classrooms, transformed communication, and completely changed the way we learn and access information. Social media is changing how todays youth and adults communicate.

While searching different types of teen activisms I ran across this information; “Things Youth need to Change the World through Youth led activism”. In this artcial it talks about:

Education-Simply becoming engaged in an issue is the first step towards youth-led activism. However, learning about the politics, economics and social effects of issues being protested are key, too. Youth activists can research, study and critique things central to their community organizing efforts.

Training — Learning about issues is not all youth activists need. Training can be essential for youth-led activists to be successful. They can learn the skills needed and tactics that are vital for successful for powerful short-term and long-term campaigns designed to change the world.

Inspiration — The reality of youth activism today is that there is a lot of inspiration. However, finding it can be challenging for children and youth, as few sources are brave enough to share powerful stories of youth changing the world. Youtube, select media, and many other sources may provide important stories youth can relate to. Also, in communities around the world its important to see what’s happened before, and many communities have hidden histories of youth-led activism.



This information really got me thinking. We live in a society that is obsessed with technology. Just last week we covered digital citizenship. Last week I googled myself hoping no “bad” stuff would come up. I bragged about the result that  there wasn’t much information about me for the world to see.  This week I am googling teenage strangers and I am in awe because of all the stuff that I find about them. My take away from the last two weeks is the word balance…If we know and understand what it means to be a digital citizen then we can use our knowledge to build an online portfolio of who we are. We can use technology to post quality information about issues that are important to us in a professional way.

balanceI would say that week 6 is challenging me to find my personal balance in the digital world. This class in general has encouraged me to be more open minded in trying new ways to communicate with others, express myself and create. After watching the videos and reading the articles I can’t help but feel really inspired. Maybe my “Digital comfort circle” needs to be expanded a bit. As a mother and a future teacher I feel that it is important that I lead by example. I plan on taking steps in discovering what my role in digital activism is. I am a very private person so stepping outside my circle will be a challenge to my current self, but I do believe that it is am important thing for me to do.

Here is a video that I enjoyed watching. It gave suggestions for websites that you can use to start a petition and share ideas:







2 thoughts on “Digital Activism

  1. Charity,
    I liked your video and the examples of the sites that it gave. I think it would be a good video to share with/show students to maybe help them get a better idea or grasp on the topic and what it means.


  2. Charity, I enjoyed reading! Like you, I found little about me online last week and bragged. Then, this week realized the potential digital activism has; that people could google me and find inspiring information about positive things I am contributing to society. I like that you brought up balance. In today’s digital world, I think its sometimes hard to find balance but it’s also so important. Loved this post!


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