Daily Creates Week 2

Here are a few of my daily creates this week:

YoungMeNowMe #tdc1640

young old

What was your defining Moment? #tdc1639

Becoming a mom…

becoming a mom

Draw the House You Grew up in #tdc#1630


Into the sun #tdc 1629


Create a hip Acroname for your neighborhood #1636



Oh…Yeah… #tdc1641


My National Day #tdc1642

Name That Movie #tdc 1635




2 thoughts on “Daily Creates Week 2

  1. It seems like you are doing well with these daily creates! I think that they have become kind of fun (time permitting)! That is precious that your defining moment was becoming a mom. While I do not have baby fever, I also cannot wait to have kids of my own! Also, I am one-hundred and ten percent behind sleep in as late as you want day! Good work!


  2. These are very cool! I love seeing the different creates that other people have made! I especially think its cool when I see creates that I have made and compare them to the same creates that others have made! It is so interesting the difference in creativity we all have! Great job!

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