My first Youtube Video


confidentLast week I could not have imagined that I would have success in creating. I was very frustrated by the ds106 website and to be honest I was 100% confused about how it all worked. The problem wasn’t the site (even though I blamed it for being too confusing) it was me and my self-doubt that was standing in my way.

If ds106 wasn’t an assignment for our class I can promise that I would have never attempted a create. I would have told myself I wasn’t “techie” enough to be digitally creative. The last week as taught me that I can be digitally creative and also I have learned how to use technology to create things. I have often wondered how people can manipulate their photos and now I am learning how to.

I created an account with YouTube this week and posted my first online video “These Feet were made for walking….”



One thought on “My first Youtube Video

  1. I completely agree with you I thought that ds106 was going to be the end of me! I never would have just in my free time attempted to do any creates because I also am not tech savvy, but what I have learned is that if you don’t know what you need to know there are awesome tutorials available and you are able to create anything you want to free of charge, so why not. I am enjoying my creates now, and I hope you are too, nice background music by the way!


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