Boat maintance…

tubeThis week was pretty uneventful as far as driving the boat goes. We traveled for the Holiday weekend to Ogallala and spent some quality time with good friends on Lake McConahay. Lake McConahay was so busy, I am talking hundreds of boats operating at the same time. It was crazy! I did not feel comfortable driving at all. I played flag girl all day instead. My husband even commented that it was even hard for him to feel at ease pulling tubes and skiers. Around 6pm the lake started to clear out a little, so some of the adults decided to ski and tube. It was a lot of fun!  So many bloopers! I typically am a good skier and I took a few tumbles. It was fun. My friend Kim hadn’t been up on water skis for 25 years. She was a rock star. She got right up. We had some big guys on tubes and it was highly entertaining to watch them get dumped off. It was a great weekend of being in the boat.

cleanerUsually my husband takes care of all the maintance on the boat after we are done using it, but because I didn’t feel like being a passenger qualified as a learning experience I decided to detail the boat after we got home on Monday. I first started out with a vinegar wash to the outside. The vinegar wash removes water spots and descales any build up the boat has due to being in the water. After I sprayed the whole boat down me went over the boat with dry towels and sponge for scrubbing if needed. I then tackled the inside. What a mess! Cleaned out all the storage compartments and vacuumed them, I hung life jackets to dry and also gave them a vinegar spray helps them stay fresh smelling. I cleaned out the ski storage and added vinegar there as it smelled a little like wet dog. After the boat was cleaned out of trash and supplies, I unsnapped the carpet and power washed it, I used a vinegar mix on the inside floor and scrubbed out all the dirt and grime. I used a protectant on the seats and a conditioner on the inside of the boat. I must say it looks like brand new! I left all the compartments open so that they boat could really dry out and just today I went and put everything back in its place so it is ready to go when we are.

I really enjoyed cleaning out the boat. I might steal this job! It was relaxing to listen to my favorite pod cast and just clean. I also appreciate the extra work my husband puts in each weekend we take the boat out doing all the cleanup. Oh Yeah, I scheduled an oil change for the boat and will be taking my first hauling trip down the interstate with the boat in the coming week. Which means I really need to work on backing up. I am thinking it might be easier to just pull up to the boat dealership and have one of them just back in for me. It would take A LOT less time.

girls onluA few of my girlfriends and I are planning an overnight stay at our cabin with our kids or pets. We have never not had the assistance of a guy to help us get backed in. We decided that we are going to get this done without them. This is seriously going to be entertaining. I can’t decide if I am more excited or scared. Hopefully one of us girls can get it done. It would be humiliating to have to call one of the guys in for help after all the game we have talked. Maybe I can get a little of that on video for part of my blog in the coming weeks. My other boating goal is to meet up with Ashton on the lake this year. We have both been in the same location several times and it is very likely that her jet ski and my boat have crossed paths. I already plan on waving to every jet skier I see each weekend. I have considered making a sign to hold up that says “are you Ashton”, I am just kidding!



3 thoughts on “Boat maintance…

  1. I would love to meet up with you some time! I have been begging to take the jet ski out recently, but my boyfriend is helping with a wheat harvest. They attempted to start yesterday and did not even get a whole field done. I would also just pull up to the boat dealership and have them back it in for you. Good luck going down the interstate with it! That does seem like quite a daunting task, but I’m sure you will get through it with ease. If the lake is busy, I refuse to drive the jet ski because the water is so rough and bumpy. I couldn’t imagine trying to navigate a boat around a busy lake. I hope to see you before summer ends!


    1. We have fair the next two weekends but plan to be at the lake the last two weeks in July. Our Cabin is near Lime Creek. That is where I spend a lot of time pulling the kids.


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