Learning to Drive the Boat Take #3

water skierI am literally laughing right now, I just read over my blog post for week #2 and in that blog I made a comment that learning to pull a water skier would be easier then a tube… Well, I stand to be corrected. Pulling a skier is a little more complicated then I would have thought. My struggles were staying at the correct speed and turning when my skier wasn’t behind the boat. Thankfully my husband was my skier so he knew when to just let go. (Apparently you pick up a lot of speed when turning if your out of the wake.. Whoops!) I learned to make sure I signal to my skier if there are waves or turns coming up. I also had to multitask as it was just my husband and I. When he went down not only did I have to turn around to get him I also had to hold up the bright orange flag to signal that my skier was in the water. (I did forget a couple times to hold the flag up.. Whoops again…) By the end of the evening my husband was exhausted and I learned how to pull a skier. I felt like it was a successful night.

Wait a minute… I started out with my skier story and forgot to mention that I was the one who backed the boat into the water. I wish I could take credit for it but I literally turned the wheel which ever way my husband told me. I didn’t do much to contribute other than that. I have had a little experience with our lawn mowing trailer and backing up but this was a whole new experience. My biggest challenge is my height and my ability to see everything while backing up, because of this I did actually got out of the truck twice to really get a good look at the unloading dock and my position. I did not want to drive off the side of the boat ramp… It took me about 20 minutes with my “coach” to get the boat backed in successfully. Thank goodness that no one was waiting to unload theirs. Once the trailer was in the water, I moved into the boat and backed it off the trailer for the first time. That was much easier than backing in with the truck. Ha!

fish 1Later that evening we returned to the cabin and picked up our kids for a family night of fishing. We loaded up our poles and headed out to our favorite fishing spot “turtle bay” (named by my kids because of all the turtles there). I drove into the bay and trolled around a bit unsuccessfully. I gladly handed over the remote to my husband. (I think he had, had enough of coaching me for one night). We got a lot a fish and added them to our freezer in hopes of a fish fry at the  end of summer.




10 thoughts on “Learning to Drive the Boat Take #3

  1. This sounds like so much fun! Its so great that you can do your learning project while spending time with your family and having fun! I have never had the change to try and drive a boat but I have been on the other side trying to water ski and be pulled on a tube. And am I terrible at both! I couldn’t imagine being on the other side trying to drive! You also must have a very patient husband. My boyfriend would only go about ten minuets of coaching me before getting angry and giving up. Glad you are having fun while learning!


    1. It has been a fun and challenging learning experience for sure! My husband really wants me to be able to learn these things so that I can take my kids/others out when he is not available. I do appreciate his patience. I think that there are times he has to bit his tongue though.


  2. Backing a boat in sounds intense! I would definitely feel the same as you felt… and i’m short so I would have also had to step out once or twice Ha! Loving the updates! Happy learning 🙂


  3. It sounds like pulling a skier behind the boat is kind of stressful! There are so many things to worry about and watch out for but it seems like you did a pretty good job at managing everything. I’m sure by the end of the summer you will be a pro. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your adventures and can’t wait to read about what you learned in the upcoming week!


    1. I am glad I have my husband behind the boat as my guinea pig. It actually makes me laugh to think of everything he has gone through this summer to help me learn. He is a trooper.


  4. Charity,
    You are brave! I would never be able to do that, well any of the things that you did in your ILP. I’m afraid of water and just reading your blog, made me shiver. Through mistakes, you learn and it seems like you had a lot of fun and that you are learning a lot of information through your husband. You are lucky to have someone who is patient and who is willing to be your “guinea pig” for this blog. I can’t wait to read your next blog.


    1. Oh no did you have a bad experience with water? My brother in law hates water and coming to the lake is torture for him. I agree we learn through our mistakes!

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  5. Charity,
    Backing anything into the water is difficult! My boyfriend is the one who puts the jet ski in the water while I stand on the dock and try telling him which way he needs to turn the wheel. It is a difficult and frustrating task sometimes, but we always seems to get the job done! I am so glad you were able to get your boat in the water successfully! It may have taken you 20 minutes, but you still did it! I hope your project continues to grow and be successful in every way!


    1. Turning the wheel is so confusing. Turning the opposite direction of which way you want the trailer to go, but then over thinking and forgetting which way your want to turn…


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