ds106… My nemesis



I have really struggled with understanding ds106 and the daily creates. For me I felt like the ds106 had too much information for an excited beginner. I was expecting the site to be different from what it is. I spent a lot of time scurrying the site for how to start. I created a gravatar, connected to flickr,  soundcloud,  joined the google + community, registered my blog, etc.. So after all that I was literally waiting for a response of some kind through my email or twitter welcoming me to the site and giving me the start-up information that I was looking for.


I am laughing at my self now because I checked my email for hours waiting for that magic “welcome, let’s get started, detailed how to guide” to show up in my inbox. With no detailed how to guide, I started looking through the assignments, paying attention to the tweets that had details on how a create was created ( I have a notebook of tips for these 20 days). I read my classmates “success” blogs (I was glad to know others were intimidated too, I also got advice from others that seemed to really grasp how this all works, THANK YOU to my peer PLN).

I am not going to lie, I am hoping that today that “welcome email” shows up with a detailed guide of how to do the daily create “acroname”of your neighborhood, but I know that isn’t going to happen. I had that light bulb moment of realizing if they sent me a detailed how to guide, I would not be using my creativity. All the daily creates would be similar. The thing I most enjoyed was seeing all the unique representations that everyone had for one assignment, but man do I doubt my creative ability with technology. I am looking for the easy how to 10-15 minute way to complete my create and be done… For me that “easy” 10-15 minutes will probably translate into hours trying to figure out just how to do something. Which is part of learning to be digitally creative, but also very frustrating to me.

Through all the frustration yesterday I did actually create a few assignments. I did post them to twitter so all in all yesterday wasn’t a complete fail. I think that today I will be able to “name my neighborhood” with the help of the sites I found yesterday. I hope that the next 20 days teaches me self-confidence in being a “Techie” right now I doubt my abilities and knowledge in being digitally creative. I tagged ds106 my nemesis because I am ready to take on the challenge of becoming more “techie” and “creative”.

By the way, If you have information you think would be helpful for the next twenty days I would appreciate.

Here the two daily creates I tackled yesterday:

octopus 4

“Octopus encounter”



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5 thoughts on “ds106… My nemesis

  1. Charity, I’m glad you are ready for the challenge. I’ll admit, when I first got on the ds106 website, I too was just like okay so…now what? But after I looked around, watched a couple videos I discovered the cool thing about it is the freedom of creativity! I’m interested to learn more and discover more cool things! By the way, I love both of your daily creates. Very creative and I got a chuckle out of them!


    1. Now that I know what ds106 is all about I have been really enjoying creating. There is some very fun creates that I have LOVED doing.


  2. The ds106 site can be really overwhelming: there are a lot of different ways to join their community, but I don’t require any of those for this class. So perhaps streamline your approach and just focus on the Daily creates!


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