Digital Stories and Podcasts

Today I have been focusing on a word that ironically, I heard from a funeral I attended yesterday . The word is inspire. As I am looking at our assignment sheet and trying to collect my thoughts for what to blog about concerning digital storytelling and podcasts the word inspire keeps coming up for me. pod

To be honest I feel that podcasts have been a major influence in who I am as a person, and have played a key role in shaping in my life, from keeping me up to date on the latest news, to learning how to manage money, parenting, relationship advice, religion, etc. There is literally a content for every interest. Being a full time wife, mother, teacher, and returning to school I have found that I have had to let go of reading books (except text books, ha!). I think that podcasts fill that void for me. Instead of reading, I am choosing topics that inspire and listening to them.

Before this week I had never considered podcast for classroom use. It was simply something that I had never heard of before. The article “What are teens learning from “serial” and other podcasts” really got me thinking… I seriously asked myself “what am I gaining personally from spending time listening? I came to the conclusion that for me personally podcast inspire me, challenge me, motivate me, they make me laugh, cry, I sometimes disagree with them, but that is ok.  I listen to podcast when I want to learn about something or when I want to feel something. Podcasts have helped me become a more informed and well-rounded person. While reading the article I kept thinking of how lucky these students are. They got to experience learning in different way. The podcast “serial” literally transformed some student’s lives and motivation to want more and motivation to come to schinspireool.

I have never used podcast in my classroom before, but this last school year I did use a lot of digital stories. My motivation to start digital story lessons was a student with special needs. Digital Story telling changed our classroom. I was able to prepare a story ahead of time and then be an audience member with the students that way I could provide support to my student who communicates through sign language. The digital stories were something we could revisit as needed, they were also easy to email out so he had them at home for support to. We also made digital classroom stories and the preschoolers loved every minute of it. Today we are all connected to technology in some way or another. My students have I-pad and I-pods it is something that they are comfortable using.  Using podcast and digital stories in the classroom is an amazing way to connect to how students are already relating to their worlds digitally. It adds variety to the routine that classrooms can fall into. It also gives students opportunities to show their creativity and interests.

I made a little chart about the advantages and disadvantages of podcasts and digital stories below are my take away.


Advantages Disadvantages
Ease of Access Misuse by teachers and students
Archive Lessons Loss of Control of subject matter
updates Problems Accessing
Learning on the Go Confusion on how create one




2 thoughts on “Digital Stories and Podcasts

  1. Wow this is a great post! I never thought about using the digital storytelling in a classroom like you have. I work in special education classroom and I think digital storytelling would really benefit the kiddos. I really like how you have mapped out all the advantages and disadvantages. I am still really confused on how to use digital storytelling but you seem to have it all figured out!


    1. The “My Story” app is what I have on my I-pad. It has numerous options for creating stories. It has really helped a few of my kiddos.

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