Learning to drive the boat take #2

lily padThis week was amazing! We had cabin full of friends,  family and a bunch of kids hanging out. (the photo above shows some of our visitors shoes)suppers at 10:00pm, smores around the campfire and lots of laughs. It is was fun to officially welcome summer while playing on the water.  We spent 4 days at the lake. One thing I love about the lake is we have minimal cell phone reception and no internet at all. We literally stay busy making real connections and having face to face conversations.


c2Thankfully my boat driving “jitters” went away (well for the most part anyway). My husband helped me stay accountable to my commitment to learn to drive the boat. I am so very appreciative of the time and patience he has  given to help me learn. All the progress I have made is because of him. I now refer to him as “coach”. I am also happy to report that I did not fall apart this week. No tears, Yay!  I drove 70% of the weekend and I even made a trip around the lake solo. Just to prove to myself that I could do it!



This Picture makes me laugh! These are three of my kids that willing agreed to be my “tube dummies”. They spent hours on the tube dealing with my speed up slow down, boring turns, and having to swim back to the tube after they fell off because I wasn’t super good at getting the tube close enough to them. (thankfully my husband taught me how to pull up close at a faster speed and a sharper turn, so now I can get the tube right to them). They would give  me feed back after each spill, I heard, “Best dirver”, “Worst driver”, “mom what were you thinking”, “you drive like a grandma”, “please just get the tube close to us” and lots of laughter. Thankfully the lake wasn’t busy at all. I was able to relax and just figure it all out. By the end of the our time at the lake I was able to drive a little “craxy” and my 14 year old even requested me as the driver. I sent him flying off the tube a couple times.Which made me feel less like the “grandma boat driver” he had referred to me as previuosly.  aj   aj2   aj3


floatinOne of my favorite parts of the weekend was throwing the anchor out, connecting my blue tooth to the boat, and spending some time jumping off the boat and floating around.  You wouldn’t think that I would need an anchor lesson but, I did… You wanna make sure you dont just toss the anchor in and assume it is connected… Thankful for a long anchor rope and a 10 year old to catch my mistake.

floatin2      flip

I have to admit that after spending 4 days at the lake I am feeling very confident in driving the boat, but I still have a lot to learn. On my list for this coming week is trying to back the boat into the water (YIKES, stay tuned) and pullling skiers and wakeboards.  In my mind I think that pulling a skier will be easier to do then pulling tubers. I like the idea of not having to turn in lots of circles. HA! I don’t often compliment my self for work done but Ido have to admit that driving the boat does make me feel proud and thankfully I have an amazing “Coach”that keeps me accountable by giving me new challenges to conquer.




4 thoughts on “Learning to drive the boat take #2

  1. Charity,
    I hear when it comes to no cell-phone service or internet. I love when that happens because it’s really the only way that i can spend true quality time with my family and my fiance. My dad and my fiance are super “popular”. Some one is always texting or calling them it seems like. They are both super likeable and dependable guys but my goodness, enough is enough. It is nice to hear how supportive, helpful, and encouraging your husband, the “coach” is. I am glad that he is willing to push and assist you in achieving your goal. it sounds like you have made lots of progress already! I understand what you mean by getting the jitters out, i have that problem too. But once you get over those it really is a lot easier to focus on learning and having fun!

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    1. That is funny about your dad and fiancé. I have to admit when we first started going to the cabin I hated not being connected my phone at all times but now I have found a new appreciation for life without technology from time to time. I really do waste precious time looking at facebook, etc. Being down there is a reminder to count my blessings and connect to the ones that mean the most to me!


  2. Love your post this week and your learning! 🙂 I think that sometimes we don’t thank the people in our lives enough that help us when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone! We need the encouragement and that someone to hold us accountable sometimes to reach our goals! I’m glad your husband can be that person for you! Great post!


    1. Yes I have definitely needed to be encouraged and pushed through this experience. I am thankful he has been so patient. He is really good teacher so far!


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