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I have to admit when I read over the assignments for the week I was a little intimidated by the abbreviation PLN and finding out what it meant. I slumped down in my comfy office chair and googled the term. The first sentence I read was “If you’ve never heard of a PLN, the funny thing is that you probably have one, and are part of one, already.” As I read on I discovered that a PLN is about connecting with people who are willing to offer the benefit of their knowledge and experience to me as a learner. I in turn can support others and share information that I think is beneficial. It is collaborating with others on a subject. I have been participating in PLN’s for some time now and never knew that the term existed.

Now that I know that a PLN is a Personal Learning Network, I can see the benefits that being connected to a group has made in my personal and professional life. All my college classes have been set up as a PLN. I log on daily and comment to others post. We share ideas, challenge each other, and collaborate together. I find inspiration in hearing others ideas and often times love to share strategies that I have found helpful.

Personally Speaking, I need PLN’s to be successful. There are have been so many times that I have struggled as a teacher and needed to reach out to others for help, suggestions, and inspiration. I have also used my PLN’s as a sounding board for developing strategies to help learners in my classroom. We all need advice and having a PLN is an easy and quick way to receive information. Before this class I was already following several early childhood blogs but,  something I had never done before was use twitter as part of my PLN. I was shocked to google a topic and find how many resources twitter offered on the topic. I started out with the top early childhood and expanded into motor skill development, music, fitness, cooking etc. I was shocked about all the resources I didn’t know existed.

twitterTwo weeks ago I was very bothered by the idea of having to use twitter as part of our class. I was looking at it all wrong. Even though I might not want to share information or “tweet” often, Twitter can still play a huge role in my success as a teacher, I literally can find information on EVERYTHING! Thank goodness for a homework assignment to open my eyes.

Two key terms I felt like were emphasized in several of the articles I read were accessibility and Responsibility. Accessibility to me as a learner means I can access my personal learning network by using social networking tools and participating in a support system with others. I can have broad and deep access to help whenever I need it no matter my location. Responsibility because it help prepare to progress in my professional development. I have the power to seek out answers and information from others to expand my learning and success as a teachers. I also have to ability to communicate with others on success and failures I have had, I can seek/offer advice, share experiences, and be a supporter of others. I am super excited to have the opportunity to make my PLN bigger!!

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4 thoughts on “PLN’s???

  1. Charity, I really liked your comment on how our college classes are all set up as PLN’s. This wasn’t something I had recognized until you brought it up; but you’re right! Forum posts seem to be a major part of many of my classes. The whole point of forums is to write what you think and then see what others think. It’s all a give-and-take of information back and forth! Like you, I was skeptical about using Twitter consistently for this class. I too have come to realize that it is actually been very useful, and I have learned a lot!


    1. I agree! Twitter is very different then what I thought it would be. I was intimidated by it at first but I am finding I am very comfortable using it.

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  2. Charity,
    I like how you mentioned that our college classes are like PLN’s, that is so true. We follow each other and have conversations and leave comments and tips hoping to help each other out. I too like to read what other people’s views are. Often i have had my eyes opened to a different way of doing or thinking about something. It’s great that we are all different so that we can have those different ideas. I also liked your embedded Tweet as it went perfect with your blog post. I myself have been surprised at how much i am learning in this class. I had no idea how helpful twitter and blogging could be! I always they were just random social tech sources, i never imagined that they could hold, and share so much valuable information.


    1. I really do feel like my online classes and connecting with other students has helped me grow in my learning. Some classes have been all about working together in groups and communicating through technology to create. Through these experiences I have reached for help/ideas from classmates. Online learning feels lonely so I appreciate getting to collaborate with others.


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