What is the work you can’t not do?

Scott Dinsmore: How to find work you love

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During the TEDTALK Scott Dinsmore ends his talk with posing the question, “What is the work you can’t not do?”Hearing Scott’s message solidified for me that the choice I am making in pursuing an Early Childhood Education degree is my answer to his closing question.

doIt has taken me a long time to figure out what my passion is. Several years ago when I first started college I had dreams of going into law enforcement. I thought my dream job would be a being a police officer. I thought that the unpredictability of the job would be something that would keep me focused and motivated. I loved watching cop shows.  (I will admit it,  I still do!)  I enjoyed the classes I took and loved leaning about law enforcement. During my sophomore year of college I decided to move to a bigger town, I did have intentions of enrolling back into college but just never “got around to it”… My desire to pursue law enforcement faded and I lost touch with finding the passion to be a professional, Instead I settled for a great paying job that didn’t require me to have a degree. (I was a naive 19 year old).

expertDuring the talk Scott talks about “Becoming a ‘Self Expert” and finding your unique strengths. I don’t think I became a self expert until I had my first child. The moment I became a mother my perception of the world around me changed. I remember the fear I felt when I realized that I was responsible to teach, nurture and support this tiny human. I was in charge of  teaching him the skills he needs to be a productive citizen. I bought every book and used every resource I could to make sure my little one was developing properly. I played music and read to my child daily. Countless hours of my day were devoted to providing my little guy with one on one time. My whole world revolved around his schedule. I found out not only was I his mother but I was his first teacher too. I remember the effort it took to help him learn to roll over, crawl, make noise, walk, throw, etc, etc.  During this time I also knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. My husband and I came up with a plan for me to stay home but turn our house into a small daycare. I would have the benefits of a paycheck and the opportunity to watch my son grow.

day careWhen I started my inhome daycare I was pregnant with my second child. I had a very good routine set up at my house. We spent our days engaged in play, sensory experiences, exploration, music, dance and reading. I felt rewarded in assuming the title of daycare provider/babysitter. I soon discovered not only was I passionate about my son’s development, I was also passionate about developmet of the kids in my care. Soon my little daycare business grew and along with the growth in numbers, I started to discover that I was VERY passionate about working with little kids. My Passion inpired me to seek out information about early childhood development. I began enrolling in the free training classes offered through the state. I had a new appreciation for structure and routine, lesson plan development, fine and gross motor skills development, and just an over all inspiration to  spend quality time with the kids in my care. Although in home daycare is not the job title I thought would have. I soon found that the title defined who I was. I found purpose and pleasure in what I was doing. I also enjoyed the benefits of getting to watch my own children grow and develop. As my kids grew my passion to hang out with toddlers and preschoolers did not go away. Soon a new opportunity landed in my lap.

aIt was an opportunity I could not say no to and an opportunity that has pushed me to find out what unique strengths and values I can contribute to not only my life but the lives of others in a bigger way. In commiting to the opportunity I had a new found attitude that I could do anything. Looking back I never thought my DREAM job in life would wrapped up in the title of “Preschool Teacher”, but the title is who I am. It defines my heart, my passion and my inspiration. Along with this opportunity and passion I found a new desire to know more about educating little ones. It sparked my desire to return to school and start discovering new ways I could improve as a teacher and caregiver.

ImpossibleDoing the Impossible, I never imagined that I would have the endurance to be a full time wife, mother, teacher, homemaker, and student all at the same time. I have learned that by taking itty bitty steps I am accomplishing things that I never thought that I would achieve. The itty bitty steps have remolded who I am. I am finding that I am able to take giant leaps and plunge through. I have also discovered a new apprectaiton for the people that I am surround by. They share my passion for teaching and learning and inspire me to keep going. People that are there to lend a hand when I get stuck. They are my cheerleaders when I start doubting myself. They remind me of how far I have come and how the road to a degree is just a head. During the talk Scott goes into detail about the people we surround our selves with. These people can make or break us. We have to learn to be pushed beyond our limits and learn from our failures. Success is having the determination to give it your best.

There are nights I have to literally talk outloud to myself to get motivated to sit at the computer and tackle hours and hours of reading and homework. During my brain breaks I look at the pictures of my kids or my preschool students for motivation to finish. I also realize that being an Early Chilhood Education teacher is something I just can’t not do. I can’t wait for the day I recieve my degree!graduation cap





4 thoughts on “What is the work you can’t not do?

  1. Charity, I loved reading your post! In every post of yours that I read, I seem to find a common thread. You are often presented with circumstances that seem outstanding and impossible to overcome, however, you dig deep and find motivation to overcome. That is something that truly inspires me! Keep on, keeping on! And thank you!


  2. I hope so! There are nights that I lay awake thinking about the little ones in my life. I want to inspire them to be active and engaged learners. I never thought that I would have such passion for kids that weren’t my own. The reality is I am invested in who they are and what they can achieve. Having kids in my life allows me to experience joy!


  3. I loved reading this blog, we sound a lot alike when it comes to our determination to nurture our children to be their best selves and in the end it brought us to our passion and what we want our careers to be. I wish you the best of luck on your early childhood education, I truly believe it takes a special kind of person to teach preschool and kindergarten classes and I can just tell by your words how great you will be and that you are meant for this!


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