Digital Literacy

After researching the topic of digital literacy, I realized that I didn’t have an appreciation or an understanding on what Digital Literacy means to me as a user of technology… My life is fully mobile. I literally have access to technology 24/7. I have to admit I don’t typically stop and think about technology. I have become accustomed to having knowledge at my fingertips at all times.  I remember when I got my first iPhone and the amazment that I first had at being able to access information without my desk top computer or lap top, but somehow the appreciation has escaped me. How did I lose touch with how powerful my device is?

According to Time A typical smart phone has more computing power than Apollo 11 when it landed a man on the moon. In many parts of the world, more people have access to a mobile device than to a toilet or running water; for millions, this is the first phone they’ve ever had. In the U.S., close to 9 in 10 adults carry a mobile, leaving its marks on body, mind, spirit. There’s a smart-phone gait: the slow sidewalk weave that comes from being lost in conversation rather than looking where you’re going. Thumbs are stronger, attention shorter, temptation everywhere: we can always be, mentally, digitally, someplace other than where we are.”


As I was reading this quote I had a bit of a “light bulb” moment, because I have been so immersed in having technology assessible to me at any moment,  I have labeled myself as “literate” or skilled at using it. I didn’t think I needed guidance,instruction,or practice in using it, but I have to admit that my “literate self” is not a true reality. I often struggle with navigating my devices, setting up new programs,etc. There are times I lack the ability to locate,organize and understand information. If someone would have asked me yesterday if “I thought I was digitally literate,” My answer would have been “yes”, but after researching digital literacy and its meaning I have come to realize that I am a new student in the technology world. As a mom and a future teacher, I  have a new found realization (and motivation) to become more digitally connected. As an adult I feel that it is my responsibility to evolve in my role in using and teaching technology.  I also feel a little bit of conviction that I am not always a good role model to my kids when it comes to using technology appropraitly.

What I have taken away from learning about digital literacy is that “there is room for improvement” on my part to be more conscientious to the fact that I need to be a better role model and student to the defintion. I have come to the conclusion that learning about technolgy is on going and constantly evolving. As a current early childhood teacher and a future k-3 teacher I play a big part in preparing and providing examples to my current and future students on how they can expand their use of technology successfully. Defining digital literacy has motivated me to really embrace my technology classes this semester. I need to expand my knowledge in what resources are available and learn all I can about being  a digitially successful idividual, mom and teacher…

The challenges of Raising a Digital Native/Devorah Heitner, Ph.D.





One thought on “Digital Literacy

  1. I can really relate to your post, I have thought that I’m pretty ‘tech savvy’ or that I’m literate in technology, but like you I have most recently learned that I am not. In fact I merely am just getting by and following along with just what I use in my day to day uses. I believe that I need to better myself in programs that I can use and make useful and take with me as I become an educator as well as always looking for more to continue growing with it.


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